Fukubukuro 福袋 “Luck Bag” Is A Japanese Tradition

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Photo Credit: animeshape.com

Fukubukuro 福袋 “lucky bag” is a grab bag filled with random items; traditionally on sale for 50% or more off the regular prices on New Year’s Day in Japan. These items would be bagged and ready for thousands of Japanese shoppers lining-up early in the morning on January 1st to hunt for the goodies at department stores and various shopping outlets.

According to Wiki, Fukubukuro was invented by Ginza’s Matsuya Department Store in late Meiji period (1868-1912) and has since become a widespread custom in Japan. The practice was first used to offload excess merchandises, but has now evolved into marketing and branding campaigns.

The custom is huge here in Hawaii; ionasiatrend.com tells us where.


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