Friends of Keitochan Edition No. 6

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Snow Monkeys of Yudanaka

By Dave of yudanakasnowmonkeys

photo credit: David Keislng
Photo credit: David Keislng
A Snow Monkey in the mountains of Yudanaka – along the western side of the large Honshu island. It looks content, for the moment.

Take a glimpse at these funny creatures as they seem to enjoy the natural hot springs of Yudanaka, Japan – west of Tokyo.


This new feature called Friends of Keitochan is a great way for other bloggers and friends to share a snippet of their stories with It’s just another fun way to grow and connect your audience. Here’s how it works!

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One thought on “Friends of Keitochan Edition No. 6

    eatandbehealthy said:
    February 13, 2014 at 4:00 pm

    I seen a special on PBS about these monkeys. Really interesting, they are.


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