10 Healthy Ways To Invigorate Your Water

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Add these simple ingredients to make your daily hydration more flavorful.

  1. Lemon or limeBoosts immunity and prevents colds
  2. Mint or PeppermintFreshens breath and treats nausea
  3. BerriesPromotes beauty and prevent oxidation
  4. CucumberCools and hydrates
  5. Aloe Vera JuiceRelaxes and relieves stress
  6. Chia Seed –  Strengthen teeth and bones
  7. HoneyPrevents cancer and infections
  8. Herbal TeaRelaxes and relieves stress
  9. GingerWarms the body and aids digestion
  10. CinnamonRegulates blood sugar and reduces cholesterol

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12 healthiest foods on the planet are proven disease fighters and energy boosters. Incorporate them into your meals and get on the fast track to an amazingly fabulous body. 


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