WATCH: ‘For every homophobe’ Powerful Speach From Out Australian Senator Penny Wong

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“For every homophobe, there are hundreds of thoughtful, tolerant, decent and ethical people,” ~Senator Penny Wong
The out Australian Senator Reacts to Ian Thorpe’s coming out interview and commentator Brian Taylor’s ‘big poofter’ remark, Wong said homophobia shouldn’t be laughed off, as it obviously affects the lives of so many LGBTI.

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“It’s no joke to be caught in the crossfire of prejudice, and it’s no joke to live with the fear of being rejected, or vilified, or persecuted because of who you are… That fact is, we still hear homophobic comments and slurs bandied around as if they’re acceptable, harmless, just a bit of a laugh. Well it isn’t a laugh to a young person growing up, working out who they are, surrounded by an atmosphere of hostility. They can feel alone, isolated from their peers, isolated from their community and sometimes even their family.” ~Senator Penny Wong

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