DIY: Self Tanner & Skin Detox

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Save $$$ on a self tan this summer! This DIY tanning recipe not only tans, it also remove toxins out of your skin. 


Directions: Combine the coffee grounds and olive oil. Rub coffee grounds gently and evenly on your body and facial skin. Avoid rubbing into your eyes, nose and ears. Let sit 15 minutes. Rinse completely and dry as normal.

For a deeper tan, fill a bath with warm water. Add coffee grounds. Stir the bath. Soak in the water. The longer you soak, the darker your skin will become.

Did You Know

Coffee grounds contain over 300 naturally occurring antioxidant compounds. They remove toxins out of your skin and have the same pH balance as your own skin, which allows it to battle acne and blemishes. Coffee is a natural astringent, detoxifier and exfoliant. It moisturizes dry skin, heals cuts and abrasions faster and soothes chapped hands and feet. It protects your skin from lines and wrinkles with it’s powerful antioxidant power. It helps slough off dead skin cells and stimulates circulation all the way down to a cellular level. It makes age spots fade away and makes the skin look silky smooth all over.

You can also rub coffee grounds all over cellulite thighs while you’re in the shower. Massaging coffee grounds into the skin helps smooth away cellulite and get rid of the orange dimpled look by the caffeine in the coffee grounds constricting blood vessels so that the skin appears tighter, firmer and smoother.

Source: Women’s Wellness Today

Photo Credit: blog.heritage-enviro

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    Serena said:
    August 2, 2014 at 8:04 am

    Wonderful! Thank you!


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