A New Social Media Network That Pays You To Post

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Hey, join me on Tsū, a new social media platform that pays you for the content you post. Tsū is on an invite-only basis.

Use this invite and follow me on Tsū.>


Update 10/30: Hits to Keitochansays.com are up since using Tsu.

shared_economics_ad_revenue-e39964fdf52c21d98c028fde754c1f52Photo Credit: Tsu.co

tsuTsu, the new social network aims to financially reward its users and creators for creating and sharing engaging content.

This is a game changer for the Social Media giants! Social networks like Facebook and Twitter use user-generated content to generate profits for their shareholders with no money going back to the user. Now all of that is about to change.

Tsu (pronounced ‘Sue’) is the first social network that is opening up its bank to share 90% of the revenue generated with it’s users. It just launched a few days ago, and its algorithm intends to re-distribute sales revenue directly to its source. TSU also works on an invite-only basis.


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