Madra Moments


Mudra Moment #1: Recharge Your Battery

Long before Facebook, traditions like Hatha Yoga recognized the thumbs up for its affirming and energizing properties. Why not try this ENERGY MUDRA and let us know how it goes?

Mudra Moment #2: Go To Your Mind Palace

This MEMORY MUDRA can help boost concentration too. Some feel it also helps to look upward and to the left. Others swear by touching the tip of your tongue to the gums right behind your front teeth. Why not do all at once?

Mudra Moment #3: Take Out The Trash

Feeling pessimistic or weighed down by negativity? This CLEANSING MUDRA can help. Start with your fingers pointing up, then point them to the ground and visualize unwanted feelings pouring out through your fingertips. Stay tuned all week.

Mudra Moment #4: Make Your Own Luck

Whether you need to find an old e-mail, a great parking space or a life partner this WISH MUDRA could be just the thing. Pinch your fingers together with gentle intensity as you visualize your wish.

Mudra Moment #5: Pause For Perspective

This CLARITY MUDRA is believed to have calming properties that support clear thinking and creative problem solving: precious commodities in our hurried society.

Mudra Moment #6: Connect The Dots

Feel like you’re missing the point during a tough class or high-level meeting? Try this RECEPTIVITY MUDRA and let understanding flow in.

Mudra Moment #7: Bee Mudra

The world sometimes has other plans. Facing roadblocks of your own? This last Mudra moment might help you “bee” free.

Source: Aveda


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