Green Living


Furoshiki Gift Wrapping – Japanese Style

Furoshiki is an eco-friendly cloth wrapping, originating from the Japan. While it promotes caring for the environment and reducing waste, its a fun, creative way to gift wrap, grocery shopping or simply as decor. The technique is similar to origami; there is a wide variety of wrap styles to choose from.

Whether you are in need of a quick lunch or to-go meal, salad in a jar is the solution. It can be made a hundred different ways so that you’ll never get bored. Also, the containers are reusable.

Want to go green but just don’t know where to start? Here are 40 small, easy ways to make green choices around our homes.  Start by choosing at least three that you’re not already doing, and make a point to do them this year. Perhaps they’ll become a habit. Get your friends involved! Ask 5 of your friends and coworkers to join you in building a sustainable lifestyle.

Thank you for your patience as I slowly building up my content. Please check back later.

Photo credit: windandwaterfengshui


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