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“Don’t Touch My Girlfriend” Obama’s Reaction

As President Obama cast an early ballot in Chicago on Monday, a man told Obama: “Mr. President, don’t touch my girlfriend.”


The Bride is Suprised, When The Groom Stands Up and Does This

The groom wanted his bride to feel special and be the ‘center’ of attention. So, he dazzled his new bride with a choreographed number starring his groomsmen. This takes the cake for the most creative wedding ever. WATCH.>

kidKid With A Cigarette Asks Strangers For A Light… See How They React

For a social experiment, a 9-year-old was sent out to ask numerous strangers for a match to light a cigarette. Watch the shocked responses from smokers as they advise him for wanting to smoke and refuse to provide him with a match. Very powerful! WATCH.>

weddingdanceHer Dad Died Months Before Her Wedding. What Her Brother Did Will Touch Your Heart!

Andrea’s father passed away from cancer, just months before her wedding day. So her brother planned a loving tribute and recorded “butterfly kisses” for her special Father and Daughter dance. Andrea’s first dance was with her grandfather, followed by her brothers and her new father-in-law. Watch and share.



kids-flourThis Mom Is Having The Worse Day Ever – WATCH

Mom returns from the bathroom to find that her two sons, ages 1 and 3, broke open a 5lbs flour bag and created this huge mess. WATCH!

shirt offHe Gave A Homeless Man The Shirt Off His Back, But What He Did After Will Touch You

Omar Gosh spends most of his time pranking people for his YouTube channel, “OmarGoshTV”. He decided to take a break from the pranks to show his son how the homeless live. Omar passed out socks, shoes, and even the shirt off his back. The reactions of the people living on the street isn’t what you might expect – they’re kind, thoughtful, and always thankful. Please SHARE!

michealYou Thought He Was A Weirdo – Until The Moment He Made You Smile

Stuart has always been a huge fan of Michael Jackson. he decided to hit the streets of New York City and dance with strangers as he listened to the King of Pop in his headphones. At first, everyone thought he was a bit off. But as soon as he shared a pair of headphones with unsuspecting strangers, everything completely changed. WATCH to see this HAPPY guy in action.>


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