10+ Ways to Live Your Happiest Life

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A Plumeria tree and it’s beautiful yellow flower in the foreground; a watercress farm in the backdrop. A family farm nestled in between Kamehameha Highway and Pearlridge Mall. The farm has beaten the odds and survived the aggressive suburban development and is now the only farm remaining in the area. Aiea, Hawaii. Taken by Keitochan.

The simplest things in life can make you the happiest if you pay attention. It can come in the form of a little nudge, and sometimes it’s a slam in the face but, recognizing an opportunity for happiness is priceless.

Living your happiest life is…

  1. continually being on the lookout for ways to serve anonymously.
  2. owning up to your personal choices without blaming others.
  3. using your talents as a vehicle to serve others for no personal gain.
  4. having the courage to ask for help and be willing to receive it.
  5. showing love and compassion without judgment.
  6. knowing success will never compensate for failure in the home.
  7. the realization of what needs to change in your life and get in the business of changing it.
  8. embracing others imperfections and just love them for who they are.
  9. recognizing and encouraging others to reach their potential.
  10. stopping what you’re doing, switching gears, and focus on the people who really matter…your family.


More thoughts of happiness: Living your happiest life is…

  • doing the things you don’t want to do but, you know its the right thing to do.
  • having leadership with the right intentions.
  • aligning your life purpose, your mission, and your visions to accomplish your goals.
  • being mindful of the words we use online that are consistent with the words use face-to-face.
  • making an effort to acknowledge others with a smile and a simple hello.
  • being simply grateful.
  • having a good sense of humor.
  • aging gracefully with a sense of self, and do it with wisdom‬ and clarity.

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